red yellow and blue rocking chair
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Join Mark Love as he walks us through this amazing rocking chair project step by step. A chair of any kind is a complicated but exciting woodworking endeavor. Although the end product is meant for kids, this course is a perfect fit for intermediate to advanced woodworkers.

The 10 part video course will go over several joints using lots of woodworking tools and machines while teaching pro-furniture making techniques used to create custom heirloom furniture.

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Section 1 - Introduction
Section 2 - Roughing Out
Lesson 2.4 - Rough Out Your Parts
Section 4 - Shaping
Section 5 - Joinery Layout
Section 6 - Mortises
Section 7 - Tenons
Section 8 - The Seat
Section 9 - Half Lap Joints
Section 10 - Assembly

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